Fishing in Innerdalen

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Discover the lakes and rivers in Innerdalen.

Small river trout in all rivers and lakes. 

Renndalen lake are 2 hours walk away, and Giklingdalen about 1.5 hours. Nice fishing in Innerdalen river.
Fishing licenses are sold at Renndølsetra and Innerdalshytta, or you can buy online at https://www.inatur.no/fiske/50ebd2eae4b003cc11b387f1/fiske-i-innerdalen 

Boat and life-jackets can be rented at Renndølsetra.

You can also rent fishing nets from Renndølsetra, if you can prove you know how to handle them safely! 

There is also a boat in Lower Renndalen lake, where you can also use fishing nets! Ca 1.5 hours hike from Renndølsetra.


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