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All campers must register and pay on arrival! 

We offer a beautiful camp site by the river end lake shore. Also suited for hammocks!

According to The Guardian we have the most beautiful campsite in Europe! 

Price: NOK 90-, per person, per night. Half price under 15 years, and free under 5 years.

We will show you were to camp as you register. 

You can buy firewood at Renndølsetra.

It is strictly forbidden to take branches or birchbark from living trees.  Read more here

It`s very important that you respect that our camp site is situated in the pasture for our cows, and never leave food remains or any garbage when leaving. It can cause serious harm for a sheep or a cow to step on broken glas or metal, or even eat it! 

Also the toilet facilities at Renndølsetra must be used, for the same reason. 

Bring your own garbage back to the litterboxes at the parking, or at Renndølsetra. 

Drinking water can be found at a water post by Renndølsetra. We do not recommend to drink water, or brush your teeth in the water from the river passing the campsite, especially after heavy rain. Boiled water is fine.

Our Cafê at Renndølsetra is open at 12.00 - 16.30.

Our Reception is open from 09.00 - 21.00

Contact us

Contact us for booking and other questions. 

Renndølsetra guest house: +47 71 69 77 96 
Eystein: +47 913 23 199 
E-mail: post@innerdalen.com

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